About Fortune Imports

Fortune Imports is a global procurement subsidiary of Fortune International, LLC, focused on importing products based on the key principals of ethical, sustainable and superior quality.


Fortune Imports products are hand-selected from the finest fisheries and farms in the world.  They are produced under our strict quality specifications insuring the highest standards of food safety, taste and texture.  All of our products have complete traceability from the farm or fishery to our customers.  Sustainability and social responsibility are core-values of our company and influences every decision we make.


Fortune Imports is committed to
  • Assessing the current status of the fisheries and fish farms that supply the seafood products Fortune Imports sources.
  • Preferentially sourcing and selling environmentally-responsible seafood that is third party certified and addresses local, regional, and global concerns regarding environmental performance.
  • Utilizing our purchasing influence to encourage less sustainable fisheries and farms to move forward with credible, documented improvement projects.
  • Implementing systems and practices to track our seafood back to the harvest location or farm to ensure legality and to eliminate unreported and unregulated (IUU) seafood from our industry.
  • Not sourcing from any fishery found to have IUU issues or that is currently on the IUCN red list, or any fishery or fish farm that is unwilling to improve.
  • Sourcing only from suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and transparency.
  • A zero tolerance for labor abuses from our suppliers and their suppliers.
  • Requesting 3rd party social audits to determine labor compliance as part of our vendor approval program.
  • Educating Fortune Imports employees and our customers about the sustainability of the seafood products we sell.
Private Label
We work with Grocery Stores and Distributors to put together their own private label branded seafood products
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