About Meribelle Crab Meat

Years ago a baby girl was abandoned by her parents and left in a small fishing town. She was raised by the townspeople who were quickly amazed by her beauty and song. The fishermen started to call her Meribelle which means “Beautiful Sea”. Each day the fishermen would bring her their best catch in hopes of winning her love. The women of the town were quickly overcome with jealously. They banished Meribelle to the ocean by turning her into a mermaid. Despite the cruelty of the women, Meribelle was thankful for the fishermen’s kindness. To this day she makes sure that her fishermen friends get the best the sea has to offer.


Meribelle is our connection to the sea.  She allows us to return to the basics, finding the best the sea has to offer and rewarding fishermen of good stewardship with the most pristine catch.  Meribelle resets the standard for optimum quality and ethical practice.  The hand-picked 100% live Portunus pelagicus crabs are harvested in the gleaming blue waters of Southeast Asia.  A commitment to quality assurance programs and dedication to sustainability results in firm, flavorful crab meat that sets a benchmark above the rest. 


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